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Diablo Immortal continues to draw controversy for its level of microtransactions, but there seems to be no real reason for Activision and Blizzard executives to care. Charts drafted by based on the latest data from AppMagic can reveal that Diablo Immortal managed to earn $49 million in its first month, a decent chunk of change for a mobile-oriented title that remains lowly ranked on major aggregation sites such as Metacritic (User Score: 0.3). The data also confirms that the free-to-play installment of Blizzard’s demonic hack-and-slash series garnered 10 million downloads since its release in open beta for PC, iOS, and Android on June 2, 2022. Apex Legends Mobile, another popular mobile game, only earned $11.6 million from 21.8 million downloads in its first month in comparison. Diablo Immortal continues to make over $1 million in revenue per day for Activision Blizzard, according to a revenue chart.


The data, collated by, suggests that the mobile edition is likely the Diablo series’ biggest ever launch. According to Blizzard, Diablo 3 sold 3.5m in its first day and 6.3m in its first week back in 2012, but a later financial report suggested that the game didn’t hit 10m sales until June 30, six weeks after launch. It should be taken into account that Immortal is free to play, of course.

Appmagic’s figures cover developer earnings, so do not include the 30% Apple and Google tax either, so total overall revenue will be higher than the $49m heading Blizzard’s way.

On revenue, the data suggests the game peaked ten days after launch, with Blizzard earning $2.4m on June 11. After the first week on sale, total revenue was at $11.9m, and at day 30 it totalled $49m (Or $48,988,970, according to Appmagic).


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  1. Still well shy of what a proper game would've made in mere days.
    Agreed even if they bring in million a day for a year it won't beat out what they could have done. Let alone tje damage they have wrought th the franchise itself.
  2. Who the f*ck is playing this "game," and wwwwwhhhhhyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!!! Who are the @sshats who keep putting money into this "game"?! Stop that sh1t man, gawd d4mn!!!

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