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EK has shared a press release detailing its new vertical GPU mounting bracket, a shifted version of the EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser that is intended for use in PC cases with horizontal bars between the PCIe expansion slots. Described by the leading computer liquid cooling solutions provider as “the most secure and rigid vertical GPU mounting mechanism” available, the new bracket features thicker materials than other competitive solutions on the market, according to the company, and hosts numerous upgrades that include “offset-ability, PCIe 4.0 riser cable, EK-Matrix7 compliance, and compatibility with EK-Quantum Vector Active Backplates.” Two ATX motherboard mounting points are used to help secure a graphics card. EK’s EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser (shifted) is compatible with cases with an open and closed PCIe expansion slot design with a minimum of 4–6 free slots and is available to order today for $139.99.

Image: EK
Image: EK

Displaying your water-cooled graphics card or, alternatively, a GPU with a standard massive air cooler has become increasingly popular over the years. One way to do this is to use the special aftermarket brackets that mount the GPU vertically if the case is not already equipped with vertical PCIe slots. However, the user often faces issues with how these solutions work since they don’t offer enough support, allowing the GPU to move around, sag, and stay crooked. This can significantly impair the aesthetics of said PC, which is a major problem as improving the looks is the main purpose of this bracket. Things can be even more challenging with liquid cooling, especially when installing fittings and tubing onto a vertically placed GPU. Not to mention trying to ship a PC with a vertically mounted GPU.

Fortunately, EK has come up with a unique approach to eliminating all these problems that can be potentially fatal for expensive hardware. The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser (shifted) allows the graphics card to be vertically mounted in any ATX PC case. The vertical GPU mount is made of 1.5mm thick, black-coated steel to provide excellent structural rigidity. Additionally, it uses two motherboard screw standoffs to get two additional points of contact and stability, eliminating sagging and horizontal movement of the GPU. An upgrade to the original Vertical GPU holder is the option to offset the mount, providing additional space for the radiator at the bottom of the case or allowing you to mount a 3-slot GPU. This vertical mounting bracket is compatible with EK active backplates.

Source: EK

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  1. I do not for the life of me understand why people do this. Risers are certainly better than the used to be, but they are still a potential source of error. Just stick the **** GPU directly into the motherboard. That's how the motherboard maker validates their PCIe signalling.

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