Polium One Is the World’s First NFT Games Console, Launches 2024

Image: Polium

Polium has announced the Polium One, the world’s first NFT games console designed for Web3 gaming. A website for the Polium One has detailed some of its alleged capabilities, including 4K Ultra HD output, ray tracing support, and the ability to drive games at up to 120 frames per second. The system has also been described as a multi-chain console that is capable of playing games designed for various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Solana, and Harmony One. Complementing the system is the Polium One controller, a peripheral that includes a fingerprint scanner, haptic feedback, and “sensitive” touchpad, among other features. The Polium One will be released in 2024 for holders, while a wider release is set for the following year, according to a FAQ section. Early critics of the system have pointed out how similar its logo seems to be to that of the Nintendo Gamecube.


  • Multi-chain wallet for trading, swapping and bridging.
  • Download games, metaverses and apps.
  • Buy & Trade NFTs and In-Game Items.
  • Check leaderboards, transactions and game activity.
  • Stay connected with your friends with messaging and voice chat.

Polium is building a multi-chain gaming console built specifically for Web3 gaming. Users will be able to discover and play great Games that are built on different blockchains without needing to switch networks or use multiple wallets. The Games will be easy to find, which will make it more efficient for playing Web3 Games. Most people just want to plug in and play without needing to go through the hassle of setting up multiple wallets and visiting different sites just to play a game.

Without a sufficient solution, the Web3 space will not grow. We need mass adoption—and to achieve that, we need to expand to the traditional gaming market by building on a product that is affordable to buy and easy to play. The most active users in OpenSea history were around 2 million. PlayStation had 106 million active users in March. This proposal will not only solve a problem but also bring mass adoption to the Web3 space.

Source: Polium One

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