Tesla Vehicles Can Now Scan for Potholes and Adjust Suspension to Avoid Damage

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Image: Tesla

Potholes have become less of a concern for Tesla owners thanks to a software update that was recently sent out by the EV company. The release notes for version 2022.20 can confirm the inclusion of a new feature that enables select Tesla vehicles to scan for problems on roads, such as potholes, and automatically adjust the suspension in order to avoid damage. Owners can enable the feature by selecting “Comfort” under their vehicle’s Adaptive Suspension Damping setting, something that was prompted by Tesla’s goal toward establishing a full and dependable self-driving system that should be sophisticated enough to handle even sub-par road conditions. The new feature was partially teased a few years ago by Elon Musk, who confirmed to a Twitter user in 2020 that Tesla vehicles would be capable of mapping various road details and sharing them for benefit. Some of the Tesla vehicles that feature adaptive suspension capabilities include the Model S and Model X.

Tesla confirmed in a new software update that its vehicles are now scanning for rough roads, like potholes, to help avoid them damaging the vehicles by adjusting the suspension. In order to achieve full self-driving, a system would have to be able to handle a wide range of different scenarios, including different weather and road conditions.

These conditions, like potholes, can sometimes be difficult for human drivers to handle, and some people find it improbable that self-driving systems will be able to appropriately navigate them. Tesla is leveraging its large customer fleet equipped with Autopilot hardware to capture data on those corner cases and teach its neural network to handle them.

Source: Electrek

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