13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” Processors to Support DDR5-5600 and DDR4-3200 Memory

Image: Intel

Intel’s next generation of desktop processors will officially support both DDR5-5600 and DDR4-3200 memory, according to a slide that the company shared during a recent NAS workshop held in China that elaborates on the key features of its upcoming 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” platform. Raptor Lake’s DDR5-5600 memory support is an improvement over Alder Lake, which only supports DDR5-4800 by default, although the standard level of memory support for DDR4 will apparently remain the same as the previous generation. AMD’s new AM5 platform, in contrast, will reportedly launch with hardware that only supports DDR5 memory, making Intel the easy choice for enthusiasts who plan to upgrade to the latest hardware this year but would prefer to stick with the previous generation of RAM. Intel’s slide also suggests that the Raptor Lake-S platform won’t introduce additional PCIe 5.0 lanes.

[…] the new platform gets support for more PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes through the chipset, however there is no mention of additional Gen 5.0 lanes. The platform would still be limited to 16 available exclusively through from the CPU. This means that Raptor Lake-S PCIe Gen5 lanes will be split between storage and GPU at the same time.

Intel Raptor Lake is now expected to debut around October this year. This architecture is based on the same Intel 7 process technology as Alder Lake. Furthermore, it will support the same LGA1700 socket. The new series officially support higher core count up to 24, after Intel doubled the count of Gracemont (Efficient) cores.

Source: Baidu (via @9550pro, VideoCardz)

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