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Samsung has unveiled Space Tycoon, a virtual playground based on Roblox set in the metaverse where characters can interact with and design new products. Space Tycoon will incorporate elements seen in other business tycoon simulation games. From mobile devices to televisions and home appliances customers can customize a variety of Samsung technology making them more creative or even transform them into in-game gadgets.

Space Tycoon is designed to be a playground where many customers can experience unlimited possibilities of virtual spaces,” said Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President at Corporate Design Center in Samsung Electronics. “We wanted to give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before. We will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both our current and future customers.”

Space Tycoon is set in the Space Station with a research laboratory where resources can be mined to create products, and then tested, but there is also a store where products can be bought. Samsung has currently loaded the shop with over twenty products and plans to add more. From there, characters can create and play games using their products and interact with others. Space Tycoon is launching in 14 languages and additional features and events such as exclusive virtual parties where characters can share their creations with each other are in the works.

Set in the Samsung Space Station as well as the research laboratory where alien characters conduct research on Samsung’s newest products, Space Tycoon consists of three specific play areas: the Mining Zone for resource procurement, the Shop for game item purchase and the Lab for product manufacturing.

In Space Tycoon, using the excavated resources, users can design various Samsung products — from Galaxy-smartphones to various TVs and home appliances — and purchase or upgrade game items. Users can get creative by starting with real-life products and giving them a makeover to become in-game gadgets. For example, the foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip can turn into a bag or a scooter, just as users will be more imaginative with the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner turning into a hoverboard or The Sero lifestyle TV into a one-person helicopter.

Currently, over 20 Samsung products are available in the Shop where the colors of their purchased items can change randomly depending on the levels achieved and new series of products will be regularly updated.

Source: Samsung

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  1. Nope.
    I agree. I did this one more as a PSA for parents to keep a lookout for. I normally like Samsung for a number of things but something about this seems off. I'll give them credit for coming up with an idea to get ideas for products but the possibility of meta-type purchases makes has me feeling uneasy about it. It potential for good and bad. I have a feeling we'll see a lot of the bigger corps experimenting with meta with stuff like this. I'm honestly shocked they didn't throw NFT into it.

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