Top Gun: Maverick Surpasses Titanic as Paramount’s Highest-Grossing Domestic Film of All Time

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Image: Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick has proven to be one of Paramount Pictures’ most successful movies ever.

A press release shared by Paramount Pictures this week can confirm that the sequel to Tony Scott’s 1986 hit is now the studio’s highest-grossing domestic film in its extensive 110-year history, having earned over $601.919 million at the U.S. box office to date. That figure places Top Gun: Maverick above James Cameron’s Titanic, which grossed $600.788 million domestically in its original 1997 release.

“For 110 years, Paramount Pictures has produced and distributed some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history, including the all-time classic Titanic, which marks its 25th anniversary this year,” said Brian Robbins, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

Top Gun: Maverick is a phenomenal motion picture, and we take deep pride in celebrating this tremendous achievement alongside Tom Cruise, our filmmakers and cast, our marketing and distribution teams, and, of course, all the new and original Top Gun fans, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Top Gun: Maverick has also grossed $595.6 million in the international box office, leading to global earnings of $1.1975 billion. The movie is the highest-grossing feature yet for Tom Cruise, who will be back on the silver screen in a new Mission: Impossible film that’s slated for release next year.

Joseph Kosinski, who directed Top Gun: Maverick, told Vulture in an interview that Tom Cruise had no interest in a Top Gun sequel initially, but the actor quickly changed his mind after hearing the filmmaker’s pitch.

“[…] I opened with the idea that this is a rite-of-passage story like the first film, Kosinki said. “The first film is a drama, even though it’s wrapped in this glossy action film.”

Source: Paramount

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