Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition Graphics Card Beats NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 in Official Benchmarks

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Image: Intel

Intel has shared official benchmarks for its Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card, giving prospective owners an idea of how it might perform versus one of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX options.

The new benchmarks, which can be found in a new performance showcase video hosted by Intel’s Ryan Shrout, suggest that Intel’s Arc A750 GPU is better than NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060. It can seemingly beat green team’s option in many of today’s most popular titles, including Control and Cyberpunk 2077.

Image: Intel

An article that complements Shrout’s demonstration of the Arc A750 can confirm that the graphics card will be available globally “later this summer.” It also includes a disclaimer from Shrout, who warned that the results in his tests may vary between titles.

Performance results shown here are from a small subset of the games, that work very well with Intel Arc and the Alchemist architecture. I’m not asserting that ALL GAMES will show these results, but it’s a view of what Intel Arc A-series cards are capable of with the right software and engineering enablement.

Shrout previously shared footage of GUNNIR’s Intel Arc A380 graphics card and how it performs with PUBG and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The Arc A380 is capable of running Sunbreak “purrfectly smooth at over 90 frames per second” and is “more than capable of playing the best games at 1080p medium,” according to a separate post by Zachary Hill, Intel’s graphics marketing specialist.

Source: Intel

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