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MSI is trying to make missing M.2 screws a problem of the past.

Twitter leaker chi11eddog has shared a number of official-looking images that detail MSI’s new tool-less method for installing M.2 drives. Coming first to select 600 Series AM5 motherboards for Ryzen 7000 Series processors, the new system comprises a screwless M.2 Shield Frozr and EZ M.2 clips, allowing users to sidestep the usual screws, which are tiny and easy to lose.

This new M.2 slot design was initially teased by MSI at Computex 2022, as pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, whose coverage includes some specifics as to how the new system should work.

With the new MSI system, you first insert the M.2 teeth in the motherboard socket at a slight angle. Then, pushing down the other side of the SSD, you will bring the u-shaped cutout in line with an MSI EZ M.2 clip. Turn this clip to lock the M.2 SSD down flat. It is a lot like the Asus ROG M.2 latch fixing system.

Users can then install an M.2 heat sink with a similarly convenient method dubbed MSI Screwless M.2. The process for this is detailed in one of chi11eddog’s images, which instructs the user to align certain portions of the “Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr” heat sink. Then it just needs to be locked into place.

MSI has already teased multiple AM5 motherboards, including premium X670 models. These include the MEG X670E GODLIKE, MEG X670E ACE, MPG X670E CARBON WIFI, and PRO X670-P WIFI.

MSI will launch its first X670E and X670 motherboards this fall.

Source: chi11eddog (via Tom’s Hardware)

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  1. Yeah, this is a pet peeves of mine.

    I had to buy an M2 kit online just to install my last SSD. I needed a half height standoff and the tiny little screw. I guess now I have like 10 of them, so that won't happen again...

    ...if I can find them when I need them.
  2. I needed a half height standoff and the tiny little screw. I guess now I have like 10 of them, so that won't happen again...
    Was never a problem for me when building desktop PCs over the last several years. Motherboards came with enough. Then earlier this year I needed to add an NVMe drive to a laptop. The laptop has 2 of those slots, but not a single f*cking standoff or screw. So I had to jump on Amazon and buy a pack. So like you now, I got like 10 of those things should I ever need more. And something tells me I probably will. Always good to have supplies for the future.

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