Halo Infinite Multiplayer Downloading Large Amounts of Data per Game, Annoying Those with Data Caps

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Halo Infinite players who are burdened by data caps may want to avoid the multiplayer component of the game for the time being.

An increasing number of posts on social media have highlighted an apparent issue with the sci-fi shooter, whereby after every match, its game client could use between 300 MB and 900 MB of data. A tweet from @NicmeistaR, one of the first players to bring up the issue, suggests that over 1 GB of data could easily be downloaded in a single game session.

After further inspection I found that an average match only uses about 11mb.

However. After each match the main menu retrieves about 300mb of data from the CDN on PC and Xbox. Which after about 2 matches results in over 1GB of network traffic. It’s nuts.

A tweet from the official Halo Support account has confirmed that Halo Infinite suffers from an issue in which extra data is downloaded after multiplayer matches. But it sounds like a potential fix should be out relatively soon.

The team is investigating reports of #HaloInfinite downloading extra data after multiplayer matches. An improvement for this issue will be included in August’s Drop Pod update. Stay tuned to @Halo for a preview blog with more details on this update.

Halo Infinite players aren’t satisfied and continue to vent their frustrations, however, with some claiming that Halo Infinite is “literally unplayable” for those who can’t “financially cover the cost of data” that the game takes up.

Another pointed out that many have to cope with data limits that could range from only 100 to 200 GB per month, caps that would make 300 MB per match pretty significant.

Source: Halo Support

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