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It’s now easier than ever for DIY PC builders to jump straight into Windows 11.

As spotted by PCMag, Microsoft has begun selling Windows 11 licenses directly to PC DIYers through its official website. There was no way to buy these licenses from Microsoft’s site in the past, but users who’d prefer the convenience of installing the new OS without having to run through Windows 10’s upgrade process first can now do so.

Windows 11 Home licenses are available for $139, a link to which can be found at the bottom of the “Get Windows 11” site.

Now, if you click on the Get Windows 11 link under “Want Windows 11 on your custom-built PC?” —which is way down the page below the retailer icons for Best Buy, Dell, and the like— you’re taken to a license purchase page for Windows 11 Home. It costs $139.00, the same price as Windows 10 Home.

The Pro license, which costs the same as Windows 10 Pro, may require a little more work to find, however.

Notably, there’s no option to buy the Pro edition when you arrive through this link. I was only able to find the Pro license purchase through a web search. It costs $199.99, the same price as Windows 10 Pro.

A direct link for purchasing Windows 11 Pro licenses can be found here.

Microsoft has described Windows 11 as an operating system that “has what you need for whatever’s next,” including a refreshed design that “enables you do do what you want effortlessly.”

Windows 11’s next major update, version 22H2, is expected to release this fall. Some of its major new features include app folders in the Start menu, tabs in File Explorer, and the ability to drag and drop on the taskbar.

Source: Microsoft (via PCMag)

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  1. Sorry those prices are NUTS for direct to consumer. I got my pro license for 37 bucks online... sure I downloaded the ISO from MS but the License was from a 3rd party and worked fine.
  2. That is dumb. Anybody who builds their own PCs, or for even just upgrades, knows you can get the license from any of several
    third party vendors for 12 to 20 dollars. I think over the last 6 months Ive purchased three or four W11 Pro License for 15 bucks a piece.
    The license worked without a hitch.
    Sure you have to make a bootable USB, but that's simple enough. I think it installed in less that 15 minutes.

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