Henry Cavill Flaunts New AIO Cooler, Noctua Fans

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Image: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill may be a lot more famous and richer than the average PC enthusiast, but he’s not immune to some of the usual problems that hobbyists might face.

Evidence of that comes by way of a new Instagram post that the 39-year-old actor shared over the weekend, in which he reveals how the AIO cooler in his gaming PC crapped out because of the recent British heat wave and decided to replace it with a NZXT model. Cavill didn’t elaborate on the exact one that he upgraded to, but publications such as PC Gamer seem to believe it’s a Kraken Z73—a 360 mm liquid cooler with LCD display that “delivers the highest cooling potential of any Kraken” and sells for $284.99.

Cavill apparently wasn’t satisfied with the Kraken Z73’s stock fans, however, having swapped them out with a trio of Noctua fans with the premium component cooling company’s signature brown-and-beige color combination. The actor also included a fourth for the front of his PC case, although more are on the way before he can finish off his cooling upgrade.

“Due to excessive transit over the years, and no doubt the recent heat wave, my AIO cooler decided to give up on me (which is a computer thing for those scratching their heads right now),” Cavill wrote. “Soooo while replacing it I decided to upgrade my fans as well. These little beauties run niiiiice and quietly. I still have 2 more on the way to complete the set, but I became enormously impatient and installed the ones I had anyway.”

“And for those in the know, don’t worry, those temps are in game.”

Cavill is currently filming for the third season of The Witcher for Netflix, which resumed production last week following rumors of the actor having tested positive for COVID-19. Netflix hasn’t shared a premiere date for The Witcher’s upcoming season yet.

Cavill had also been rumored to appear during SDCC 2022 for a potential Superman announcement, but to the disappointment of DC fans, that never happened.

Source: Henry Cavill (via PC Gamer)

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