This PC Case Is Also an Aquarium

Image: MetalFish

A Chinese company called MetalFish has listed what appears to be the perfect PC case for enthusiasts who also happen to be aquarists.

As the name might suggest, MetalFish’s Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is a microATX/Mini-ITX enclosure that doubles as a fish tank, featuring aluminum alloy panels and a tank on top that’s complemented by an LED light strip for illuminating fish, plants, and whatever else is popular for aquariums these days.

The LED light strip is 5 millimeters thick, while the tank comprises acrylic panels that are 3 millimeters thick. Users who would prefer to maintain a healthier aquarium will also find a USB-powered pump/filter/oxygenator, as indicated by a sell sheet that shows off the case’s features.

MetalFish on why someone might want one:

Flowers, birds, fish and insects are traditional personal hobbies, and a beautiful landscaping fish tank will make people feel relaxed and calm. High-performance desktop computers are the pursuit of many DIY enthusiasts. If you like to arrange your desktop, you need a beautiful and powerful desktop, and the Y2 fish tank case is just right.

Image: MetalFish

Product specifications:

  • Product size: 370 x 250 x 290 mm (D x W x H / LWH)
  • Chassis material: 1.5-mm aluminum alloy panel, 1.5-mm blackened hardware, 5-mm white light fish tank
  • Supported motherboards: microATX / Mini-ITX, within 245 x 220 mm
  • Number of hard drives: 1x 2.5-inch hard drive
  • Chassis fans: Front: two 9-cm rainbow fans
  • CPU cooler height: 90 mm
  • Supported graphics cards: the longest is 220 mm (occupying the fan space), the recommended length of the graphics card is 200 mm
  • Chassis ports: 2x USB 3.0
  • Power supply support: Small 1U / FLEX power supply
  • Weight: 4 KG; 6.6 KG

MetalFish is selling its Y2 Fish Tank Chassis for “a reasonable sub-$75 in China,” according to coverage by Tom’s Hardware.

Source: MetalFish (via Tom’s Hardware)

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