TEAMGROUP Announces ELITE PLUS DDR5 Memory with Frequencies of Up to 6,000 MHz

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TEAMGROUP has launched a new family of DDR5 memory kits in the form of the ELITE PLUS DDR5. The new collection features three frequencies, including a 6,000 MHz model with a CAS latency of CL 48-48-48-96 and data transfer bandwidth of 48,000 MB/s that’s available in capacities of up to 32 GB (x2 16 GB sticks). The new memory also features a “brand new heat sink design to effectively increase reliability,” which comes in black or gray. TEAMGROUP’s ELITE PLUS DDR5 is expected to release in September 2022, while the company’s ELITE DDR5 Memory with6,000 MHz frequency will hit the shelves earlier this month.

Data Transfer Bandwidth38,400 MB/s
(PC5 38400)
44,800 MB/s
(PC5 44800)
48,000 MB/s
(PC5 48000)
CompatibilityIntel: 600 Series
AMD: 600 Series
AMD: 600 Series 

TEAMGROUP Launches ELITE PLUS DDR5 and Newest Spec 6,000MHz in ELITE DDR5 Desktop Memory: Upgraded Heat Sink Design & Frequency Spec to Deliver the Ultimate User Experience

As the world dives further into the high-speed DDR5 generation, DDR5 technologies are urged to meet the demands for more reliable and durable products. TEAMGROUP, a world-leading memory manufacturer, continues to pursue advancement and is dedicated to providing an upgraded DDR5 solution to offer higher frequencies to users around the world. Today, TEAMGROUP launches ELITE PLUS DDR5 Desktop Memory with a brand new heat sink design to effectively increase reliability. Furthermore, TEAMGROUP announces a new frequency of 6,000MHz for ELITE DDR5 to further increase operating performance and deliver an ultra-smooth user experience. The ELITE PLUS DDR5 and ELITE DDR5 6,000MHz Desktop Memory will be available to global users via Amazon and Newegg in North America soon.

ELITE PLUS DDR5 Desktop Memory is equipped with a sleek, simple, and asymmetric aluminum heat sink that has been specially designed to be non-conductive and to protect against scratches, acids, rusting and rotting to provide full protection for the DDR5 module. ELITE PLUS DDR5 Desktop Memory is also equipped with a 1.1V standard working voltage which further reduces energy consumption for each unit of bandwidth comparing to the 1.2V in DDR4, providing a more efficient power usage. The DDR5 module is equipped with PMICs for effective power distribution, reliable power supply, and minimal noise interference. The IC supports on-die ECC, a feature that self-corrects DRAM cells for enhanced stability and reliability by reducing risks of information errors.

Leading the DDR5 generation, ELITE PLUS DDR5 modules are designed to be perfectly compatible with Intel and AMD systems and comes with three frequencies: 4800MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz, in single/dual channel options from 8GB to 32GB of storage capacity to satisfy a wide range of user demands. ELITE PLUS DDR5 is expected to be launched in September, 2022, while ELITE DDR5 Memory with its latest 6,000MHz frequency will hit the shelves in August, 2022, both on Amazon and Newegg in North America. Make sure to stay tuned for an opportunity to give your computers a total upgrade in operating performance.


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