Unawake Is a Dark Fantasy Melee-Based FPS Built on Unreal Engine 5

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Image: RealityArts Studio

Toplitz Productions and RealityArts Studio have announced Unawake, a new first-person adventure game set in a dark fantasy world that’s being brought to life on Unreal Engine 5. While the title won’t be out until next year, a teaser trailer shared by the developer suggests that this will be a good-looking game, one that seems to draw inspiration from popular titles that include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Heretic, Raven Software’s classic FPS. Unawake is slated for release in Q4 2023 and will offer players “fast and tactical first-person melee combat” in “breathtakingly surreal levels,” experience-based character and skill progression, and a multitude of weapons ranging from swords to bows and arrows to tackle the game’s “nightmarish creatures from Heaven and Hell,” according to a features list posted on its Steam page.

“We are very much looking forward to this collaboration,” said Stefan Berger, head of business development at Toplitz Productions. “Both the creative vision behind Unawake and the technical expertise that RealityArts Studio brings to the table, convinced us to support this project. With this visually very impressive action game we have the opportunity to efficiently expand the range of our portfolio and attract a new target audience for Toplitz’ titles.”

“The talks with Toplitz felt good from the beginning”, added Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu, RealityArts’ co-founder. “We continue to enjoy complete creative freedom and can fully concentrate on development. I feel the support of the entire team at Toplitz and know that I can rely on decades of experience in publishing and marketing to present Unawake to the widest possible audience.”

Unawake features:

  • Breathtakingly surreal levels with details only Unreal Engine 5 can deliver: Stunningly designed environments enhance the tense atmosphere.
  • Fast and tactical first-person melee combat: No encounter will be the same, while you adapt to the ever changing approach of the wide variety of opponents.
  • Story based game progression: Discover an epic story spanning eons, that effortlessly blends science fiction with history as well as dark fantasy. Survive in a dystopian end-time where you are the key to humanity’s survival in the everlasting war between the forces of Heaven and Hell.
  • Experience-based character and skill progression: Level up, learn new skills and use them to your advantage against the ever-evolving enemies.
  • More than 20 skills to customize your way of play: How you fight through the never ending onslaught is fully up to you.
  • Vanquish your enemies with a multitude of weapons: From your trusty sword to bows and arrows you will find more than enough options to eradicate your foes.
  • Customize your weapons to gain the advantage in relentless battles: Elemental effects and buffs will give you the edge against your opponents.

Unawake: Toplitz Productions will release the visually stunning action-adventure from RealityArts in late 2023

Oberhaching, Germany, August 09, 2022 – Indie publisher Toplitz Productions proudly announces its collaboration with Turkey-based RealityArts Studio. As part of this cooperation, Toplitz will release the visually stunning action game Unawake worldwide in late 2023.

The new title by RealityArts Studio, which has already received several international awards and has twice won the Epic Megagrant, focuses on brute action in a dystopian apocalypse. Audiovisually driven by RealityArts co-founder and renowned design icon Ismael (Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu), Unawake is characterized by a unique art direction and visual style that pushes the boundaries of Ismael’s creative imagination even further after switching to Unreal Engine 5. The easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master combat system as well as the dynamic soundtrack further immerse you in the opulent game world of Unawake as you try to survive in an end-time caused by angels and demons.

Fans of action-packed yet tactical skirmishes will be able to dive into the dark apocalypse of Unawake approximately in Q4 2023. The first teaser trailer will give you an impressive preview of the level, world and fight design. Face a fierce and epic battle against impossible odds, where you decide the fate of humanity and determine a future marked by merciless wars between creatures from heaven and hell. Deliver punishment or absolution to your opponents. You are the last bastion.

Source: Toplitz Productions

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