Geoff Keighley Shares Details for Gamescom 2022

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Geoff Keighley detailed on Twitter Spaces last night the upcoming Gamescom gaming festival which will take place in Cologne, Germany. The hybrid event will span from August 24 – 28 while the live event launch will happen on August 23. Gamescom has been on hiatus as an in-person event since 2019 due to the pandemic.

Like before. Only better.

You have waited. We are back!
Better than ever. Closer than ever. More exciting than ever.

And we offer you the gaming festival you’ve been longing for. From August 23 to 28, you can finally experience the world’s largest computer and video games event and Europe’s leading business platform for the games industry live and carefree again, thanks in part to our tried-and-tested hygiene and security concept. And for all those who would rather be there online: Of course, we will again offer an extensive digital program in 2022.

We look forward to seeing you in the Cologne exhibition halls.

Geoff Keighley was joined by co-host and presenter Natascha Becker (Gamestar) who said there will be a number of new games debuted during the live event.

“More than 20 games will be on stage: it’s going to be a big spectacle,” Keighley said. “We have some very cool guests that are coming to Germany to join us on stage as well to reveal their games and showcase new content. ”

He added that there were some games announced but not yet ready for the Summer Game Fest that will make their debut at Gamescom instead. He and Sega have also announced there will be a “new look and news” portion of the show for Sonic Frontiers on the opening night. Fans have recently complained about the upcoming game following the release of its gameplay trailer asking Sega to delay its launch. Footage for Goat Simulator 3 will also be shown at some point. He commented that even though the remainder of 2022 will not have much left for releases there will be over 2 hours of content and that the show will feature announcements for 2023 and beyond.

We’ve got some good stuff. We haven’t really announced the line-up of companies that will be there, but I think we’ve got some cool surprises and things that I think people wouldn’t expect to be there… There are a lot of games. We’re going to have 2 hours of content to show you [including] gameplay clips, trailers, and announcements.

This year is a lighter year for releases that are coming out later this year, so a lot of stuff will be about what’s coming in 2023 and beyond. But yeah, I think people will be hyped and I’m very excited for fans to see stuff and be in the room.

Source: Gamescom (via VGC)

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