Intel Arc Scavenger Hunt Winners Are Being Offered CPUs Instead of Graphics Cards

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Image: Intel

The story of Intel Arc continues to get weirder.

Per an email shared by VideoCardz, Intel has begun asking winners of its Arc Scavenger Hunt contest whether they’d like a 12th Gen Core processor instead of the Arc GPUs that were originally promised by the company for the promotion, which began in March 2021 and offered participants a chance to score an A770 (grand prize) or A750 (first prize) “before they’re even available.” Apparently, neither of these are available to ship out to winners yet despite it being many months since the contest concluded.

“You will be provided the following hardware prize as an alternative to the original hardware prize, in addition to the standard merchandise and swag prizing,” a portion of the message from Intel reads before going on to list the CPUs on offer.

  • Alternate Grand Prize Winners: 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12900K
  • Alternate First Prize Winners: 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12600K
Image: VideoCardz

There is a bit of welcome news here, though, in that the prize alternatives can be used to estimate what Intel will probably be pricing its Arc A770 and A750 graphics products at, as pointed out in VideoCardz’s coverage.

The i7-12700K MSRP is 409 USD while i5-12600K is 289 USD. This means that Arc A770 and A750 pricing should correspond to Core CPU pricing more or less. The flagship A770 GPU might cost less than 410 USD, which is a great price for 16GB GPU for sure. Naturally we don’t expect Core CPU pricing to be exactly the same as Arc A7 series, but this should be a very good estimate.

Intel Arc Scavenger Hunt winners have until August 19, 2022, to confirm that they don’t want to wait for an Arc GPU and can settle for a 12th Gen Intel Core processor instead.

Intel has clarified that those who opt for a CPU will not be getting an Arc GPU at a later date as part of the prize package. The company also mentioned that while winners who opt for a 12th Gen Intel Core processor can expect to receive the CPU ahead of Arc A7 Series’ general availability, it can’t guarantee that, as the GPU launch is “very close.”

Source: VideoCardz

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