New Rumored Navi 31 Specs Hint at Flagship Radeon RX 7000 Series Graphics Card with 12,288 Cores, but Lesser Infinity Cache

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Image: AMD

Angstronomics, a publication that covers the semiconductor industry, has shared what it claims are the final, “hard” specifications for AMD’s trio of upcoming RDNA 3 GPUs. They comprise the Navi 33, Navi 32, and Navi 31, a flagship that will seemingly boast 12,288 streaming processors, an exciting increase over what the Radeon RX 6900/6950 XT (5,120). But it also looks like the amount of Infinity Cache has been reduced, from 128 MB to 96 MB.

Navi 31

  • gfx1100 (Plum Bonito)
  • Chiplet – 1x GCD + 6x MCD (0-hi or 1-hi)
  • 48 WGP (96 legacy CUs, 12288 ALUs)
  • 6 Shader Engines / 12 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 96MB (0-hi), 192MB (1-hi)
  • 384-bit GDDR6
  • GCD on TSMC N5, ~308 mm²
  • MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²
  • World’s first chiplet GPU
  • Main Navi 31 SKU will have 96 MB of Infinity Cache
  • 3D stacked MCD also being productized (1-hi), but performance benefit is limited given the cost increase
  • Cut-down SKU will offer 42 WGP and 5x MCD
  • Reference card appears to have an updated 3-fan design
  • Early plans for a version with 288 MB of Infinity Cache (2-hi) was shelved, as the cost-benefit was not worth it

Navi 32

  • gfx1101 (Wheat Nas)
  • Chiplet – 1x GCD + 4x MCD (0-hi)
  • 30 WGP (60 legacy CUs, 7680 ALUs)
  • 3 Shader Engines / 6 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 64MB (0-hi)
  • 256-bit GDDR6
  • GCD on TSMC N5, ~200 mm²
  • MCD on TSMC N6, ~37.5 mm²
  • Coming in 2023
  • Also coming to mobile as a high-end GPU offering in AMD Advantage laptops
  • 128MB (1-hi) version exists but might not be productized due to costs

Navi 33

  • gfx1102 (Hotpink Bonefish)
  • Monolithic
  • 16 WGP (32 legacy CUs, 4096 ALUs)
  • 2 Shader Engines / 4 Shader Arrays
  • Infinity Cache 32MB
  • 128-bit GDDR6
  • TSMC N6, ~203 mm²
  • Mobile-first push for AMD
  • Design is drop-in compatible with Navi23 PCBs, minimizing OEM board re-spin headaches
  • Outperforms Intel’s top end Alchemist GPU while being less than half the cost to make and pulling less power

Angstronomics plans to share a follow-up article that will explain how AMD’s new RDNA 3 lineup will compare with NVIDIA’s Lovelace-based competitors.

The first Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards should be out later this year.

Source: Angstronomics

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