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Looking for a new streaming service to join? You’ll probably be able to do it via the world’s most popular video-sharing platform soon.

The Wall Street Journal has shared a report that reveals YouTube is launching an “online store for streaming video services,” one that could be released very soon.

The company hopes the new platform, which it is referring to internally as a “channel store” and which has been in the works for at least 18 months, could be available as early as this fall, some of the people said.

YouTube’s decision is presumably being driven by some of its top competitors, including Amazon and Roku, which already have their hubs for selling streaming services.

With an array of apps now available, these tech giants are trying to position themselves as the go-to place for consumers to get access to all of their favorite movies and shows. Selling multiple services through a single app can make life easier for consumers.

The Wall Street Journal’s report is paywalled, but here’s an alternate link.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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