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Following the success of Stray, more games that star cute animals are being announced for the market.

The newest comes in the form of Squirrel with a Gun, a game from Daniel DeEntremont that appears to be exactly what it sounds like. Early screenshots and gameplay footage that can be found on the game’s Steam page show off its protagonist, a squirrel, wielding various firearms and getting into all different kinds of trouble in a neighborhood.

Players will seemingly be able to explore what looks like a tech lab, some sort of lava pit, as well as interact with residents of the neighborhood, including mugging them “for goodies,” according to a new trailer.

It is not easy, but it’s fun, to be a squirrel with a gun.

Squirrel with a gun is a sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting combat.

Defend yourself from random encounters with Agents, using various weapons. Deflect their melee attacks with exceptional timing to disarm them.

Climb and jump across platforms with your natural squirrel skill. Use weapon recoil to cross even greater gaps. Explore the neighborhood from a squirrel’s eye view.

Talk with residents of the neighborhood and help them out for goodies. Or mug them for goodies.

Squirrel with a Gun doesn’t have a release date yet, but it can be wishlisted via Steam.

Source: Steam

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