DOOM 64 Is Free on the Epic Games Store

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The Epic Games Store’s latest freebie is DOOM 64, an enhanced version of Midway’s take on id Software’s legendary FPS franchise that was originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. DOOM 64 normally costs $4.99, which is already a bargain, but Epic Games Store users can claim the game for no cost at all until 8/25/2022 at 11:00 a.m. (ET).

DOOM 64 features:

  • Upgraded visuals
  • Improved mouse and keyboard controls
  • Gamepad/controller support
  • Widescreen resolution support
  • Native 60 FPS support
  • More than 30 action-packed levels
  • Additional “Lost Levels” continuing the story

Years have passed since you stopped Hell’s invasion of Earth. Quarantined for humanity’s safety, the UAC research facilities on Mars were abandoned and forgotten…until now. A signal from a degraded satellite suggests a single entity remains, and it has the power to resurrect the demons. As the only surviving marine who fought Hell’s forces, you are sent on a lone crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop a renewed demonic invasion.

Epic Games is also offering the Rumbleverse – Boom Boxer Content Pack for free during the same promotional period. This is an add-on that includes “the exclusive Boom Boxer set, an exclusive title card background and border, and a 120 minute gameplay Fame booster” for Iron Galaxy Studios’ multiplayer fighting game.

Rumbleverse – Boom Boxer Content Pack contents:

  • The exclusive Boom Boxer set
    • Boxing headset
    • Boxing gloves
    • Boxing tank top
    • Boxing trunks
    • Boxing shoes
  • An exclusive title card background and border
  • A 120 minute gameplay Fame booster

Source: Epic Games Store

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