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ExtremePlayer has leaked what appears to be the full lineup of 13th Gen Intel Core “Raptor Lake-S” desktop processors.

According to a table shared by the Chinese content creator, Intel has developed at least 14 SKUs, ranging from the flagship Core i9-13900 to the lower-ended Core i3-13100. These include F/K/KF variants, the latter of which implies an unlocked CPU with no integrated graphics.

Image: ExtremePlayer

The table doesn’t say anything about boost frequencies, but the 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900 Series will seemingly feature base clocks that range from 2 to 3 GHz.

Some of these models leverage Alder Lake silicon, according to an exchange between HXL and VideoCardz:

The 13th Gen Core i5 series are to be further divided to K-series using new B0 silicon and non-K SKUs with C0 silicon, which according to HXL is a refresh of Alder Lake silicon (ADL-R). Mid-range and entry-level Raptor Lake are to offer 14, 10 or 4 cores. The slowest Raptor Lake CPU (Core i3-13100) is listed with four Performance cores and no Efficient cores available.

Intel is expected to discuss its 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” processors during its upcoming Innovation event, which is slated for September 27.

Source: ExtremePlayer

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  1. Still think it's highly doubtful I would upgrade to one of these chips unless they just absolutely blow the 12th gen out of the water.
    There's unlikely to be a 'good' reason unless they overspecc'd on motherboard / RAM and went cheaper on a 12th-gen CPU.

    However, there are a few things that might be useful - 13th-gen will bring more L3 cache, which helps in a number of workloads (including especially games), more E-cores per SKU which will contribute to MT performance, and overall higher quality bins for higher boost clocks and memory speeds.

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