High on Life Delayed to December 2022

Image: Squanch Games

High on Life won’t be making its originally intended release date.

Per a new announcement on the @SquanchGames account, High on Life will now be released on December 13, 2022. The game was supposed to be released a few months earlier, on October 25.

“As we work to polish the best possible gaming experience for High on Life, the game’s release date will be moved to December 13, 2022,” Squanch Games wrote. “The Team at Squanch Games is excited for you to play, and we thank you for your continued patience and support!”

High on Life is a “hilarious” sci-fi shooter from Justin Roiland, the guy responsible for Rick and Morty. Players take on the role of an intergalactic bounty hunter who has access to an arsenal of sci-fi weapons that also happen to be “sentient life forms from another planet,” as explained by Mike Fridley, Squanch Games’ studio director.

They have their own cute faces, and they can talk out of those cute faces. It’s not just random talking, either. Your companions/guns have distinct personalities, and they’ll share their thoughts about what’s going on — even weaving their thoughts and opinions into the story in important ways. Each gun also has unique special abilities, and players will be rewarded for learning the best time to swap guns in and out.

As hinted in Squanch’s announcement, High on Life will be available to play exclusively on PC and Xbox platforms when it launches later this year. The game is also headed to Game Pass as a day-one title.

Source: Squanch Games

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