DeepCool LS720 AIO CPU Cooler Review

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DeepCool was founded in 1996 with the mission of providing high-performance PC hardware and thermal solutions for enthusiasts. They are based in Beijing with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and ship their products across the world. Product lines include cooling solutions, cases, power supplies, mice, and keyboards.

On our test bench today, we have DeepCool LS720 RGB CPU Liquid Cooler. This cooler sports a 360mm radiator along with RGB baked into the fans and water block. The kit includes everything you need to cool your CPU for long gaming sessions. We’re currently seeing the DeepCool LS720 pricing out around $139 as tested today.

We will again be using our AIO test platform that is capable of putting out enough heat to make even the devil sweat. We do this to test AIO liquid cooling solutions that are likely to be used with some of today’s most demanding CPUs.

DeepCool LS720 Overview (R-LS720-BKAMNT-G-1)

The DeepCool LS720 is an all-in-one (AIO) CPU cooler that is designed to work on a wide variety of sockets. These include Intel’s LGA 1700/115x/1200/1366/1700/2011/2066 and AMD’s AM5/AM4/sTR4/sTRX4 sockets. Overall, the DeepCool LS720 covers all current day sockets by default.

While we have the 360mm radiator version that we’re reviewing today, this AIO is also available with a 240mm radiator that sports a pair of 120mm fans and a 120mm radiator with a single 120mm fan. Due to the laws of thermodynamics, expect them to perform a little worse than the 360mm version we’re reviewing today.

Water Block & Pump

The water block on the DeepCool LS720 measures 86x74x57mm and is made out of copper.  This measures a bit shorter than DeepCool’s Castle 360EX’s block. It has room for the cold plate, pump, and a LED backlit cover with DeepCool’s logo on it.  Of note, the logo can be rotated based on how you position the water block within your rig.

The pump is PWM controlled with an approximate 3100 RPM (+/- 10%) speed at a 100% duty cycle. It pushes the water through 400mm of cooling hose to and from the radiator. DeepCool includes a couple of tube harness clips to help your hoses look neat as well.


The liquid CPU cooler radiator is designed to hold three 120mm fans and measures 402x120x27mm. By our count, the aluminum radiator sports a density of 22 fins per inch and is attached to 465mm of tubing.


The included fans are DeepCool’s FC120 series PWM fans that sport RGB LEDs that will work with +5v A-RGB capable motherboards (basically, anything you buy these days). The FC120 fans sport Fluid Dynamic Bearings and are rated with a 50,000-hour MTBF. These fans support a listed fan speed of 500 to 2250 RPM on their specs at a reported under 32.9 dB(A) at full tilt. The stated maximum airflow is 85.85 CFM with a static pressure of 3.27 mm/H20.

A unique feature of the FC120 fans (which can be both a pro and a con) is that they will daisy chain to each other along with the pump’s RGB which greatly reduces the number of wires you have running around. They are put together with a wiring harness that taps into a SATA power connector.

While it will result in a cleaner wiring setup, you’ll also have to deal with the proprietary nature of the connectors and if you buy FC120 fans at retail, you actually get a lower spinning fan that tops out at 1850RPM as this variant of the FC120 is unique to the LS line of AIOs.

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