Stasis and Dink Smallwood HD Are Free on GOG

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GOG currently has two new games up for grabs in the form of Stasis and Dink Smallwood HD. The former is a point-and-click, sci-fi horror adventure game with a “gruesome narrative with retro adventure gameplay” from The Brotherhood, while the latter is a “newly remixed” version of the 1997 RPG from Robinson Technologies. Stasis will be available to claim until Thursday, August 25, at 1 p.m. UTC. A carousel of other freebies can also be found on the main page of GOG, which launched a new sales event today that will run until September 5.


  • Challenging and realistic puzzles
  • Cinematic AAA music composed by Mark Morgan
  • Highly detailed 2D isometric graphics
  • Classic point-and-click interaction
  • Multiple characters to engage and work with
  • Death – John can (and will) die in the most horrific ways imaginable
  • Suicides – Special objects can be self-inflicted on John himself to end it all
  • Winner of the Aggie Award for the Best Adventure Game of 2015

STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. STASIS intertwines a gruesome narrative with retro adventure gameplay. Combine items, interact with computers and solve puzzles while experiencing the gritty atmosphere.

In the distant future, aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft, John Maracheck awakes from stasis. He must push himself to new physical and emotional limits and unravel the mysteries around him.

John is in tremendous pain, his wife and daughter are missing, and time is running out as the Groomlake plunges further into the swirling blue methane clouds of Neptune.

Dink Smallwood HD

  • Remastered original CD soundtrack
  • New quality of life features like Super Fast Mode to skip dialog and save states
  • Built-in DMOD support, browse and play hundreds of adventures
  • Upgraded engine, Dink never looked or sounded better!
  • Supports both DirectInput and XInput controllers
  • Open sourced on github with a vibrant community on The Dink Network

It all began in a world where dragons roamed the land and knights fought with valor and honor.

And then there was Dink. Can a simple pig farmer thrust into an epic journey of magic and adventure save the world?

Dink Smallwood HD is the newly remixed version of the irreverent old-school RPG adventure cult classic brought to you by the original creators.

Source: GOG

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