Sharkoon Launches SHARK XTend 16 and 24 Extension Cables for PSUs with Addressable RGB

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Image: Sharkoon

Sharkoon Technologies has launched the SHARK XTend 24 and SHARK XTend 16, “stylish” PSU extension cables with customizable RGB illumination for graphics cards and motherboards. Pricing or dates of availability were not shared in the manufacturer’s press release.

SHARK XTend 24

  • Illumination: 24x Addressable RGB LED
  • Full Length incl. Connectors: 245 mm
  • LED Strip Length: 160 mm
  • Wire Diameter: 18 AWG
  • Weight incl. Fixed Cables: 115 g

SHARK XTend 16

  • Illumination: 8x Addressable RGB LED
  • Full Length incl. Connectors: 300 mm
  • LED Strip Length: 170 mm
  • Wire Diameter: 18 AWG
  • Weight incl. Fixed Cables: 95 g

Sharkoon SHARK XTend 16 & 24

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. With the SHARK XTend 16 and the SHARK XTend 24, Sharkoon introduces two PSU extension cables for graphics cards and mainboards. With their addressable RGB illumination, the cables provide additional highlights to the inside of the PC case.

RGB Highlights

The SHARK XTend 16 is intended for use between the power supply unit and the graphics card and has eight addressable RGB LEDs. The SHARK XTend 24, on the other hand, connects the power supply unit to the mainboard and has 24 addressable RGB LEDs. Using an RGB control that has a 5V-D-coded-G pinout, the colors and effects of both extension cables can be customized as desired. Therefore, the cables should effectively provide additional highlights inside the PC case and complement the existing illumination.

Simple installation

According to the manufacturer, both cables have an ideal length to enable an effortless installation and handling, with the SHARK XTend 16 measuring 16 centimeters and the SHARK XTend 24 measuring 24.5 centimeters. In addition, both cables are flexible to allow for more adaptability during the installation. For extensive use in any PC case and for the greatest possible compatibility with all common power supply units and graphics cards, the SHARK XTend 16 is equipped for two 6+2-pin connections. The SHARK XTend 24, on the other hand, has a 24-pin connection and is compatible with all commercially available power supply units and mainboards that have a 24-pin ATX connector.

Source: Sharkoon

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