BizLink DP80 Enhanced Full-Size DP Cable Is the 1st VESA Certified Full-Size DP80 Cable to Support the Newest Standard in the World

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Image: BizLink

The BizLink DP80 enhanced full-size DP cable is the world’s first of its kind to support the newest standard with a throughput of up to 80 Gbps. VESA unveiled its new DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR Certification Program in March which included the DP40 (40 Gbps) and DP80 (80 Gbps) specifications. Bizlink announced that it worked with VESA to release the new Ultra-high bitrate full-size cable that follows its previous miniDP cable with similar specifications. Pricing was not revealed.

BizLink DP80 enhanced full-size DP cable

  • VESA certified DP80
  • Data transmission rates of UHBR10 (10 Gbps), UHBR13.5 (13.5 Gbps), and UHBR20 (20 Gbps)
  • Up to 80 Gbps of maximum data throughput
  • Backward compatible with current DisplayPort devices

Source: BizLink

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