Lenovo Glasses T1 Is a Wearable Micro-OLED Display for Gaming, Streaming, and More

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Lenovo has announced the Lenovo Glasses T1, a wearable “private display” that is compatible with many of today’s full-function USB-C-equipped Windows, Android, and MacOS devices. It features a 60 Hz Micro OLED display that offers 1920 x 1080 resolution per eye, high-fidelity built-in speakers, and low overall power consumption, allowing users to “stream videos or play games from tethered mobile devices for up to hours.” The Lenovo Glasses T1 (known as Lenovo Yoga Glasses in China) will go on sale in China in late 2022 and be available in other select markets in 2023. Pricing for the wearable display solution will be announced upon availability.

Lenovo Glasses T1 specifications:

DisplayMicro OLED
Resolution1920 X 1080 per eye
AudioHigh-fidelity built-in speakers
CertificationsTUV Low Blue Light
TUV Flicker Reduced
Device CompatibilityAndroid (Requires Full-functional USB-C only)
iOS with Lightning connector (Requires HDMI to Glasses Adapter; Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter)

“Every day, people all over the world are increasingly shifting to mobile devices for entertainment and productivity,” said Eric Yu, Senior Vice President of Commercial Product Center and SMB Segment, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo. “Screen real-estate can be a big bottleneck in the user experience. With a solution like the Lenovo Glasses T1, users have a portable and private big screen experience and can get more value from their phones and laptops.”

A Big Screen in Your Pocket – New Lenovo Glasses T1 Wearable Display for Everything from Gaming, Streaming, and Privacy on the Go

Lenovo announced the new Lenovo Glasses T1 wearable private display for on-the-go content consumption. Compatible with many of today’s modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops with full-function USB-C, the Lenovo Glasses T1 offers superb image quality, high-efficiency optics for extended battery life, and is lightweight so users can explore and enjoy content well beyond the limited screen size of mobile devices.

With mobile devices growing in computing power, mobile gamers, road warriors and just about everyone else will benefit from the power of carrying a personal monitor in their pocket. The trend is clear, mobile device users want to be able to play more games and stream more video. The global market for mobile gaming is projected to reach US$153 billion by 2027, growing at an annual growth rate of 11.5%1, while the market for video streaming is forecasted to reach US$972 billion by 2030, growing 18.1% on average annually2.

These glasses are not just about fun and games. As hybrid work has become the new norm, professionals are looking to get more done on their mobile devices, but working on private business-critical documents on a PC in public spaces creates risk. Using the Lenovo Glasses T1, workers have a private workspace to prevent shoulder surfing.

The Lenovo Glasses T1 is ready to meet the demands of many different users. In addition to most full-function USB-C-equipped Windows, Android, and MacOS devices, the glasses can also connect with Lightning Connector-equipped iOS devices via an optional adapter. To maximize comfort for extended use, the Lenovo Glasses T1 is equipped with swappable nose clips, adjustable temple arms and supports custom prescription lenses via an in-box attachable frame.

Superb image quality is achieved with leading-edge micro-OLED display technology, delivering incredible color richness and a super-high contrast ratio of 10,000:1. With high optical efficiency and low overall power consumption, the Lenovo Glasses T1 can stream videos or play games from tethered mobile devices for up to hours without worrying about draining the batteries of the connected devices.

Source: Lenovo

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