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BioShock Infinite has received a new update on Steam, adding a few “quality-of-life improvements” that include a new launcher with a store for purchasing new content.

  • BioShock Infinite’s new Steam update was released on Friday, September 2.
  • The patch notes list “a new Launcher which includes a Store to purchase new content,” as well as an “account linking option.”
  • Fans are apparently unhappy with the update, with many voicing their concerns on the game’s Steam forum and elsewhere.
  • BioShock Infinite was initially released on March 26, 2013.

“Valve definitely needs to implement a new policy that prevents publishers from screwing over Steam players by putting it anti-consumer BS years after a game launches or releasing ‘updates’ that fundamentally break the game (on linux in this case) and add features that have zero benefit to the player and are solely intended for data mining and advertising,” wrote one user.

From a Eurogamer report:

[…] despite being labelled as a “quality of life” update, this move by publisher 2K has left some fans unhappy, with several stating the game is now broken.

Discussion threads across the game’s Steam page are now helping the Bioshock Infinite community bypass this newly added launcher, while others are suggesting buying games elsewhere from now on.

While this news has caused a certain amount of irritation among Bioshock Infinite players, a wave of updates earlier in the year did lead many to speculate that a new launcher for the game would be coming at some point. And now, that point is here.

Source: Steam

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