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Amazon’s new Lord of the Ring series has drawn many critics since its premiere last week, and one of them happens to be the world’s richest man.

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday to criticize The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, claiming that J. R. R. Tolkien, the celebrated author behind the original fantasy works, is “turning in his grave.”
  • Musk, who also owns SpaceX and Neuralink, complained about how “almost” every male character on the show is a “coward, a jerk, or both,” with only Galadriel, played by Morfydd Clark, being “brave, smart, and nice.”
  • Musk’s comments have drawn the attention of notable fantasy authors, such as Sandman’s Neil Gaiman, who “slapped back” at the business magnate this morning, tweeting “Elon Musk doesn’t come to me for advice on how to fail to buy Twitter, and I don’t go to him for film, TV or literature criticism.”
  • Amazon has declared The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as its biggest premiere on Prime Video ever, having attracted more than 25 million global viewers on its first day, but it continues to struggle with disappointing audience/user scores (39% on RT, 1.8 on Metacritic) following what has been alleged to be review bombing.

From a Deadline report:

Regardless of Musk’s views, The Rings of Power has been a hit for Prime Video, with data earlier this week revealing the J.D. Payne & Patrick McKay co-created show took more than 25 million viewers in its first day. This marked the best performance for an Amazon original ever. The eight-episode first season will run until October 14.

Musk, who’s currently tangled in a web trying to exit his proposed $44BN takeover of social site Twitter, has been in competition with Amazon founder and Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos for years and regularly trolls his businesses on social media. Bezos has responded in kind several times over the years.

The billionaires have both spent huge sums on their spaceflight businesses – Musk owns SpaceX and Bezos founded Blue Origin – and have often criticized each others’ operations. The pair has variously swapped places as the planet’s wealthiest person, but Musk currently owns that title with a net worth of about $254BN.

Source: Elon Musk

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  1. He might be right, I don't know, I have neither seen it, nor am I a huge lord of the rings fan.

    I tried to read the book once, but I rolled my eyes at 100 pages of descriptions of maps and languages before the story even started, and decided it wasn't for me. I watched the first movie. it was big, and impressive, but never got around to watching the second or third. I had better **** do do with over 6 hours of my life.

    So, I'm not the best to comment. Elon Musk may or may not be correct in his comments. I'll leave that to the true fans.

    But I do know one thing. He'd be better off if he just shut the eff up and focused on running his businesses, and defensing himself in his lawsuits.

    He should stay in his lane.

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