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Drop Studios has partnered with MiTo and Noctua to offer a new set of keycaps featuring the premium cooling component manufacturer’s iconic beige and brown color scheme. The keycaps are made from Doubleshot ABS to retain the classic colors while being long-lasting and the MT3 profile will ensure proper finger placement when typing. Drop + MiTo has created a multitude of kits including a base set, Numpad, ISO UK, hobbyist, Colevrak, Ortho, Novelty, and spacebar keycaps.

For PC enthusiasts, our latest keycap set is nothing short of a fan-favorite—in more ways than one. It’s a collaboration with world-famous cooling component manufacturer Noctua, and it’s got the colors and build quality to prove it. Introducing the Drop + MiTo MT3 Noctua Keycap Set: a collection of caps and kits made to match the classic colorway found on Noctua’s most iconic fans. Sporting beige alphas and brown modifiers, this set looks at home next to nearly any Noctua product—and it performs on-par, too. Designed by MiTo and made from doubleshot ABS, it’s highly durable and resistant to fading. Plus, it’s shaped in our exclusive, scooped MT3 profile to keep your fingertips locked in for as long as Noctua fans keep your PC cool. It’s time to bring the Noctua look beyond the blades—and onto your keyboard.  

Drop + MiTo MT3 Noctua Keycap Set: Base Keycaps

Image: Drop Studios

The base set is priced at $130.00 and is made to support 60%, 65%, TKL, HHKB-style, and Winkeyless keyboard setups. Users with a full-sized keyboard will also need to purchase the Numpad kit to complete their matching setup.

General Specifications

  • Designed by MiTo
  • Profile: MT3
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • No questions asked return policy


  • Numpad – $40
  • ISO UK – $25
  • Hobbyist – $35
  • Colevrak – $35
  • Ortho – $75
  • Novelty – $45
  • Spacebar – $15

Drop has said it will begin shipping kits out on September 9 and MiTo has in good humor answered the one question on everyone’s mind, will this make my computer run cooler?

“Absolutely, you’ll be cooler with these keys and since thermodynamic laws can’t be broken your PC will run cooler as well.”

Source: Drop Studios

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  1. What? :LOL:

    There are people who actually like the Noctua color scheme?

    Every time it is mentioned I hear the same comment...

    Great fans, I wish they just didn't have that ugly beige-brown color scheme.

    I had taken this for one of those ultra-rare near universal perspectives :p
  2. That reminds me:

    I think the color scheme probably stands out the least on the keyboards, if only because it's no longer possible for any color scheme to stand out among keyboards. That and beige colored keyboards used to be standard. The keyboard pictured in the article wouldn't be my first choice in terms of color, but I wouldn't be embarrassed by it either.
  3. beige colored keyboards used to be standard.
    Yep, I still remember those old Atari/Apple IIe days and think some IBM stuff as well. The cases were always that beige scheme with brown, black, and sometimes grey keys.
  4. I never really cared... thinking back... I've ran my fair share of cases from my first Packard Bell 480sx20 that was mine to the Tandy Portable computers I'd play games on in 4 shades of orange that were the portable computer my mom could bring home from work when I was a kiddo. to the first beige tower PC I owned that after upgrades ran so hot I could prop my feet up on top of the case to keep them warm. (power supply eventually cooked and was replaced of course.). And on and on down the line... I think the first non beige PC I had was an... was it antek? Sonata case. Piano black. Front cover over the floppy and CDrom drive and front buttons... I think I sitll have that in a closet somewhere with an I5 based system in it from over a decade ago.
    Oh no that's the Sonata 2.

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