Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Adds Carol Kane to Cast

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Image: Paramount+

Paramount+ has shared that legendary actress of stage, movie, and television Carol Kane has joined the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for season 2. A brief description paints a picture of a gruff no-nonsense Chief Engineer name Pelia with years of experience. She replaces former Chief Engineer Lt. Hemmer (Bruce Horak). It had been teased in the season 1 finale that there might be a possible appearance of the famed character, Scotty, but it seems that for now, his debut may be at a later date.

Pramount+ today announced during the global live-streamed Star Trek Day celebration that incomporable Academy Award-nominee Carol Kane will join Season 2 of its hit original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with a recurring role as Chief Engineer Pelia. Highly educated and intelligent, the Enterprise‘s new senior engineering officer suffers no fools. Pelia solves problems calmly and brusquely, thanks to her many years of experience.

In addition to the promotional photo of Kane as Pelia, Paramount+ also debuted a first look clip from the upcoming season during the celebration.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds presently holds the record for the most watched Star Trek original series debut on Paramount+. During its 10-episode run, it introduced old and new characters while expanding the lore of the Enterprise and its crew. Filming for season 2 wrapped up in July and its premiere date has not yet been announced.


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