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EA and KOEI TECMO have announced a partnership to develop a new AAA game that will be set in feudal Japan. It is being described as the next great hunting game and the team at EA Originals will work with KOEI TECMO to co-develop and publish it.

“It’s an honor to be partnering with EA Originals and to have the support of a team with such an incredible track record of releasing groundbreaking new games,” said Yosuke Hayashi, Executive Vice President of KOEI TECMO GAMES CO, LTD. “The EA team fully embraces our creative independence and have become invaluable partners offering both development and publishing support. Adding the global resources of EA with our own will help us introduce a new kind of hunting game to a global audience of players and expand our reach into global markets. I’m really looking forward to the day that gamers from around the world can play this new game.”

Omega Force

Image: Omega Force

KOEI TECMO will be using its in-house studio Omega Force for the as-of-yet unnamed project. Omega Force has experience developing tactical action, and hunting, along with hack-n-slash types of games. Titles they’ve worked on include: Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors which to date has sold over 42 million units globally, Warriors Orochi 4, Attack on Titan 2, and Toukiden. It has also collaborated on BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk. The studio clearly has experience in this genre and a good track record for its releases so fans will likely be in for a treat. EA is planning an official reveal for the game later this month.

“Building on the incredible success of EA Originals, which includes the recent releases of It Takes Two and Knockout City™ , we’re thrilled to be partnering with the amazingly talented Omega Force team,” said Jeff Gamon, General Manager of EA Partners. “They’ve elevated the hunting genre to the next level, merging their proven talent for combat gameplay with unexpected and innovative mechanics. We can’t wait to introduce their groundbreaking new adventure to the world later this month.”

Source: Electronic Arts

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