Image: GALAX

Newly leaked renders are showing an unreleased GALAX GeForce RTX graphics card featuring a four-fan cooling design. This would not be the first time that GALAX has made such a card as its GeForce RTX 3090 SG employed a similar cooling solution. That 4-slot graphics card used a design with three fans on the front of the card and then vents on the back of the GPU where an included 80 mm fan could be attached for extra cooling.

Image: GALAX

The leaked images obtained by VideoCardz suggest that GALAX is using a similar design for an upcoming release. A 16-pin connector can clearly be seen in the images which was not present on the previous 3090 SG card, which is another reason it is believed this will be some sort of GeForce RTX 40-series, likely an RTX 4090 SG as numerous leaks from other manufacturers has surfaced recently.

GALAX and GeForce Beyond

GALAX has also begun preparing a new ad campaign on its social media pages further hinting that a new release is likely imminent.

GALAX has even updated the GeForce Beyond event banner to include its logo which also suggests the company is planning its own reveal following NVIDIA’s official announcements.

Image: GALAX

Missing NVLINK connector

One last detail with these, and other RTX 40-series, image leaks is that it has been noticed that the NVLINK connector, the successor to SLI, is absent. This could signal the end of any consumer-level support for directly connected multiple GPUs from NVIDIA. The manufacturer has already been reducing support with recent generations to the point that only the top tier cards still retained the connector but that too could be coming to an end. It is possible this will also be something addressed at the GeForce Beyond event on September 20.

Source: VideoCardz

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  1. I wonder how many slots we are up to now with these. 3 slots? 4?
    You know back in the days of sound cardamom and voodoo cards and high speed controller cards... I would care. Unless you need a capture card I think you'll be fine.
  2. The fourth (optional?) fan is 80 mm and clips on to the back of the card. Also according to the article, its GeForce RTX 3090 SG featured a similar design. Before I clicked on the article, I had pictured a model with four fans on the front side.

    Galax? What happened to the "y"? Sometimes it feels like I've been in a coma for years.

    In my experience, fans have been the most failure prone part of video cards. Thus, when I buy a new card (which is not often), I pay special attention to the bearings used. I'm sure it's brand dependent, but I've noticed the higher tier cards are more likely to have better bearings than their low- to mid-range counterparts — not much of a shock there.
  3. Galax? What happened to the "y"? Sometimes it feels like I've been in a coma for years.
    They sold it to Asus, who became known as Asusy for a brief period of time before merging with Lenovo - forming Assovo. No longer necessary, the Y was then auctioned off Yahoo (legalizing the capital "Y" in that name), but then transitioned to Verizon, but was subsequently renamed "Altaba", forfeiting the rights to Capital "Y" that they had purchased some years ago, and now it's part of a venture capital firm known as "Sometimes Vowels" with majority stakeholders including Mitt Romney, Derek Jeter, and Marc Andresseen
  4. Jay is so cringe worthy to watch. Gamers Nexus' video is way more informative. No offense @Denpepe
    I can get that, but he beats less on the dead horse then Steve usually does, the guy needs to learn to move on.
  5. I can get that, but he beats less on the dead horse then Steve usually does, the guy needs to learn to move on.
    That is true. He draws things out forever, but he does go into more depth than others, even though it may be over the top. Jay IMO is just in it for the views.

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