Suikoden I and II HD Remasters Announced for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

Image: Konami

Konami has announced Suikoden I&II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars, HD remasters of two of the greatest and critically acclaimed RPGs of all time. Featuring several fundamental improvements and quality-of-life features, the title will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2023.

Graphical Improvements

  • Pixel sprites and environment art enhanced with new screen effects including lighting, clouds, and shadow animations Flickering flames, smoldering smoke, the movement of leaves and insects, all add up to a lively in-game atmosphere!
  • The effects and direction have been redesigned, bringing memorable scenes back to life in more beautiful ways!

New Character Drawings

  • All character portraits have been updated in HD. Junko Kawano, who designed the characters for the original version of Suikoden released in 1995, has newly re-drawn all the character portraits for Suikoden I HD Remaster Gate Rune War.

Sound Improvements

  • Field Sound – A large number of environmental sounds not found in the original version, such as the sound of running water in the river, wind, insects, and running footsteps, have been added. You can enjoy an immersive experience like never before!
  • Battle Sound – All sound effects are now in HD. In addition to the impact of the 3D effects, the realistic sound greatly enhances the dynamism of the battles!

Game System Improvements

  • Many new features have been added, such as dialogue log, auto-battle, double-speed battles, etc.

From a Konami press release:

About Suikoden

Released in 1995 as a game software for PlayStation. Based on the motif of the Chinese classic novel Water Margin, this is the first title in KONAMI’s iconic original RPG series depicting the fate of those who bear the True Runes of the Scarlet Moon empire. The story follows the protagonist, whose father is one of the empire’s five generals, as he gathers his 108 Stars of Destiny and friends to fight against the oppressive rule of the Empire in ruin.

The touching story depicting the bonds between family and friends was highly acclaimed around the world.

The unique Suikoden system, including Rune magic and the 108 Stars of Destiny to recruit has been inherited by subsequent titles in the series. Other features include the Home Base management, which strengthens your army’s power and bases, and Army Battles in which armies face off against each other. The game also features an ambitious game system that complements the grandeur of the story.

About Suikoden II

This is the second title in the Suikoden series released in 1998. This sequel title in the series is set three years after the first game, further evolving the game systems unique to Suikoden, such as Rune magic, the 108 Stars of Destiny, home base management, and Army Battles, which were well received in the previous game. Three childhood friends, including the protagonist, are tossed about by a great whirlpool of destiny. The story, with its detailed psychological portrayal of each character, has moved many fans and has become an iconic title of the Suikoden series.

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