ASUS Announces All-New TUF Gaming Gold PSUs with ATX 3.0 Compatibility and Fully Modular Design

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Image: ASUS

ASUS has announced its all-new TUF Gaming line of fully modular power supplies. Featuring an improved 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating and military-grade components, ASUS’ new lineup of TUF Gaming PSUs comprises 750-, 850-, 1,000-, and 1,200-watt options, all with full ATX 3.0 support and 16-pin power cables for modern graphics cards such as NVIDIA’s newly announced GeForce RTX 40 Series. Owners can also expect longer warranties, with ASUS having raised the warranty period from 6 to 10 years for its new TUF Gaming PSUs.

Image: ASUS

From an ASUS press release:

ASUS today announced the all-new TUF Gaming line of power supplies, designed to provide reliable, stable electricity to gaming PCs for years to come. For this iteration, ASUS engineers have made TUF Gaming PSUs better than ever, with improved 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating and higher wattages to power any next-generation rig.

Like previous-generation TUF Gaming power supplies, the latest up to 1200 W Gold PSUs are built with military-grade components for reliable long-term usage, with a protective coating over the PCB to protect against short-circuits from moisture and dust. The 135 mm axial-tech fan design increases air pressure to keep operating temperatures low, without the noise of typical premium fans — and the new PSUs also feature a dual ball bearing for extended longevity.

ATX 3.0 compatibility and fully-modular design

This year, we’re offering our TUF Gaming power supplies in even higher wattages, perfect for powering a DIY build that’s capable of running AAA games well into the future. Consumers are able to choose from 750 W, 850 W, 1000 W and 1200 W designs, each with full ATX 3.0 support and native 16-pin power cables for modern graphics cards. Each model is fully modular, empowering users to eliminate unnecessary cable clutter from builds.

Upgraded efficiency and warranty

The new TUF Gaming PSUs have also been awarded 80 PLUS Gold certification, signifying that they’re capable of even-more-efficient operation than the previous generation. These latest models have also gone through the same rigorous testing as all other TUF Gaming components, including extreme temperatures and vibrations, to ensure they’re ready for long-haul operation.

In fact, we’re so confident in the durability and longevity of TUF Gaming PSUs that we’ve increased the warranty from six years to 10 years — so users can rest easy that their components are in safe hands.

ASUS’ current lineup of TUF Gaming power supplies can be found here. All of the current models feature 80 Plus Bronze certification, including the ASUS TUF Gaming 750W Bronze PSU, which counts 0 dB technology and sleeved cables as some of its highlights.

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