Splinter Cell Remake to Feature Updated Story, Rewritten for a “Modern-Day Audience”

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Ubisoft Toronto’s Splinter Cell remake will feature an updated story, one that will be rewritten for a “modern-day audience,” according to a new job listing that Ubisoft shared to weed out potential scriptwriting candidates for the new version of its critically acclaimed stealth classic. The original was released in 2002 and traced Sam Fisher’s first adventure with the NSA and its now-defunct Third Echelon division, taking him on a quest that spanned Georgia, Myanmar, and even the CIA’s own headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

From a Ubisoft job listing:

Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation we are rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience. We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable. As a Scriptwriter at Ubisoft Toronto, you will join the Narrative team and help create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for a new audience of Splinter Cell fans.

Job requirements:

  • Writing compelling dialogue for in-game mission VO and Cinematic scenes
  • Writing both scripted and systemic dialogue including barks and NPC conversation
  • Developing character arcs and story beats through dialogue and other narrative elements
  • Revising and editing dialogue based on director/lead feedback to ensure quality and consistency
  • Participate in narrative reviews and provide feedback and suggestions
  • Collaborating with relevant internal teams, such as narrative design, audio, animation, level design, and AI to maintain and ensure narrative continuity and logic
  • Using in-house systems to implement dialogue into the game engine

Ubisoft revealed that a remake of Splinter Cell was in development on December 15, 2021. Led by Ubisoft Toronto, the game is being “rebuilt from the ground up” using Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, the same engine being used for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and its new story-driven Star Wars game, created in collaboration with Lucasfilm.

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