Kingpin Products Might Find a New Home Following EVGA’s Decision To Stop Making Graphics Cards

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Image: EVGA

Vince Lucido (Kingpin) has announced that it’s possible that Kingpin products might find a new home if it’s meant to be. He posted on his Facebook page thanking fans for their support but also adding hope that the OC top-tier branding could survive the EVGA-NVIDIA breakup.

Image: Vince Lucido

I’m thankful for all the industry friends, old colleagues, etc. that reached out. It means a lot and I appreciate it. The news isn’t received well ofc, and I’m mostly sorry for the fans and people that are passionate for our brand and everything that we have done here over the years at EVGA. If the KP hardware is meant to continue on in one way or another, I’m sure that it will :). The EVGA and PC hardware enthusiast community have been great to me and my teams here over the years, THANK YOU.

It is not known exactly what form a new partnership could take as up to now EVGA has used the Kingpin branding in both graphics cards and motherboards. While EVGA did announce it was leaving the graphics card market that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t still be interested in the continued use of the branding for gaming motherboards. However, Kingpin products might continue elsewhere if the right deals are struck as the branding does have an established level of performance in the PC gaming community.

Source: PC Gamer

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