Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Gets Official Launch Trailer

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Image: Activision

Activision has released an official launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in preparation for its October 28 release. The game will launch with single and multiplayer content along with newly added modes, advanced AI, and a narrative driver co-op mode. The new trailer shows Task 141 back in action as they take on a new threat whose agenda may not be what it seems to be.

The ultimate weapon is team.

Squad up and fight alongside the iconic operators of Task Force 141 with the return of Modern Warfare®.

Image: Activision


New gameplay innovations. All-new gun handling. Advanced AI. Modern Warfare® II brings you a global campaign, immersive multiplayer combat and narrative-driven Special Ops.

A PC trailer was also leaked yesterday but was taken down. In it, there was a brief glimpse of the PC-specific settings menu. It also showcased 4K gameplay and support for ultrawide displays. Someone managed to record that trailer and it can be seen here.

Those who preorder will be able to play the campaign up to a week early. PC hardware requirements have not been revealed yet but it is available to order via Steam or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will also be available for PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and X|S.

Modern Warfare II connects with the new Call of Duty®: WarzoneTM 2.0 experience, and with it, the evolution in Battle Royale with a brand-new play space and sandbox mode. Expect a massive calendar of free content post-launch featuring evolving gameplay with new maps, modes, seasonal events, community celebrations and more.

Stay Frosty.

Source: Call Of Duty

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