Intel NUC 13 Extreme to Fit Up to a 3-Slot Graphics Card

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Image: Intel

Intel revealed its NUC 13 Extreme SFF PC at TwitchCon where it displayed the largest NUC yet that is capable of fitting up to a 3-slot GPU. Intel is expected to do an official announcement for the NUC 13 Extreme, codenamed “Raptor Canyon”, in a couple of weeks but meanwhile, it has teased teardown followed by a custom build with a custom GeForce ASUS TUF RTX 30-series graphics card. Typically the NUC series has had a primary focus on a very small footprint but this latest offering is intended to contend with the ever-growing sizes of modern graphics cards.

Raptor Canyon is intended as a desktop replacement that will have a 13.9L chassis and by comparison, its smaller sibling is only 8L. The NUC 13 compute element has a 13th Gen processor which, when paired with a powerful graphics card would make it a very impressive SFF PC capable of 4K gaming. Previously leaked images of the compute element confirmed it is an Intel Core i9 K-series processor similar to those made for the LGA 1700 socket. Intel has already announced its 12th gen Serpent Canyon enthusiast-level and the pro-series Wall Street Canyon NUC PCs, both featuring PCIe 4.0/DDR4 technology while the NUC 13 extreme will be the first to bring PCIe 5.0/DDR5 to the series as well as the ability to fit larger custom GPUs. It is not known what the PSU rating is but it too would need to be substantial in order to power both a 13th gen CPU and a demanding GPU.

Source: VideoCardz

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