Google Fiber Announces 5 Gig and 8 Gig Plans, Launching in Early 2023

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Google Fiber has announced that it will be launching new 5 Gig and 8 Gig plans for customers who demand even greater speeds and bandwidth. Available beginning in early 2023, both products will offer symmetrical upload and download speeds (up to 5 Gig or 8 Gig, respectively) with a Wi-Fi 6 router (customers can use their own), up to two mesh extenders, and professional installation, all priced for everyday use. The 5 Gig plan will cost $125/month, while the 8 Gig plan will cost $150/month.

From the Google Fiber blog:

At Google Fiber, we want to make sure our customers are ready for whatever the internet throws their way. While 2 Gig answered the call for many gamers and power streamers, 5 Gig and 8 Gig are designed for even heavier internet users — creative professionals, people working in the cloud or with large data, households with large shared internet demands. People who create and utilize large files need the ability to transfer them efficiently. For those who work on the cloud or in real time, like with financial transactions, it’s helpful to know there’s less lag between pushing send and making something happen. 5 Gig and 8 Gig can help these customers take on whatever they need online and be ready for whatever is coming next.

Google Fiber’s new 5 Gig and 8 Gig plans will answer this call. 5 Gig will make it easier to upload and download simultaneously, no matter the file size. And 8 Gig will make sure that everything you are doing online is happening in near real time (without jitter and with low latency).

While we can’t predict the future, we believe that video quality never seen before, virtual experiences that seem real to the touch, gaming as fast as you can play, (and who knows what else?) are right around the corner. This vision starts with our commitment to delivering great internet. With the help of content partners and device manufacturers, we’re excited to usher in the next generation internet experience for Google Fiber customers.

Select Google Fiber customers in Utah, Kansas City, or West Des Moines may be able to try out the new 5 Gig and 8 Gig tiers as early as next month. Dinni Jain, CEO of Google Fiber, revealed the results of a 20 Gig speed test in the field last month, hinting at the potential speeds of future plans.

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