Bayonetta’s Original Voice Actor Claims That It Was an Insulting Offer, Not Scheduling, That Prevented Her Return

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Hellena Taylor claims that it was an insulting offer, not scheduling, that prevented her return and is asking fans to boycott Bayonetta 3. She adds that fans should instead donate the money to a charity they would’ve otherwise spent on the game. The actress shared details over the weekend on her Twitter page regarding why she couldn’t accept the return offer. She said in a series of video messages that the franchise had made over $450 million, not including merchandising, but the offer to her was a flat rate of $4000 which she felt does not begin to compensate for the time in developing her skills and dedication to the role.

“As an actor I trained for a total of seven and a half years – three years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts with voice coach Barbara Berkery, and four and a half years with the legendary Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

“And what did they think this was worth? What did they offer to pay me? The final offer to do the whole game – as a buyout, flat rate – was four thousand US dollars,” Taylor alleges.

Bayonetta 3 Director Yusuke Miyata said in a recent interview that it was “overlapping issues” that prevented Hellena Taylor from returning which then led to them holding auditions for the part and choosing Jennifer Hale. Meanwhile, Hellena said that she was required to re-audition for the part and which then led to an insulting offer. She said she wrote to Platinum Games President Hideki Kamiya asking to be paid what she’s worth and while she was given praise the reply offered her $4000. She’s also said that claims of her being busy were untrue and she had nothing but an open schedule with which to reprise the role. However, in light of her claims, perhaps there’s more to the story and an insulting, or immoral offer might not be the only detail with the recasting.

Fans have been largely supportive but VGC reached out to Platinum Games for comment and President Hideki Kamiya responded while also adding a warning. Hellena Taylor has already admitted that her video messages are breaking a non-disclosure agreement but anxiety from being out of work, suicidal thoughts, and depression, over the “immoral offer” drove her to post the video messages.

Hellena went on to add that she wants to support other actresses in the field but she does feel betrayed after having put so much into developing the character. Fans are largely showing support for Hellena on both Twitter pages. Consequently, some are being blocked on Hideki’s simply for commenting on the use of all-caps, and others for asking if the two could seek a resolution, while even more for bringing up past posts where he’s stated he blocks foreign language posts, including English, as they lure “insects”. Bayonetta 3 is set to be released as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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