EVGA Announces CLX Series AIO CPU Liquid Coolers

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EVGA has introduced the CLX Series, the sequel to its award-winning CLC all-in-one CPU liquid coolers. Designed, manufactured, and tested for quality and performance, the new coolers feature Asetek’s 7th generation water pump, three choices of radiators, an integrated 480×480 LCD display that can be used to display system vitals or images/animations, and EVGA ARGB Fans, completely remodeled and featuring a long-lasting 50,000 hours lifespan. EVGA’s CLX 360, CLX 280, and CLX 240 models are now available for pre-order.

Image: EVGA

From an EVGA press release:

Introducing the EVGA CLX Series – the remix you’ve been waiting for! The CLX Series is the sequel to the award-winning EVGA CLC All-In-One CPU Liquid Coolers.

Refreshed with Asetek’s 7th Generation water pump, 3 choices of radiators, an integrated 480×480 LCD display, and the completely remodeled EVGA ARGB Fans. With a fresh new take on the AIO CPU liquid cooler market, the EVGA CLX Series provides the most efficient cooling and quietest flow yet on an EVGA AIO.

Designed, Manufactured and Tested for Quality and Performance

  • Extreme Temperature Testing to ensure product robustness
  • Helium Integrity Testing to ensure each individual cooler is virtually immune to leaks
  • Vacuum Precision Filling to ensure optimal liquid levels
  • 100% traceability throughout our production process to provide valuable insight and feedback

Monitor system vitals or play your favorite image or animation on the full-color 480×480 LCD display.

New EVGA-designed ARGB fans provide the best balance of cooling, silence, and peace of mind through a silent Hydro-Dynamic Bearing with a long-lasting 50,000 hours lifespan.

The EVGA CLX Series is built for all types of systems and cooling needs with 3 different sizes of radiators to choose from. Select the CLX 360 for maximum cooling, the CLX 280 for higher-end needs, or the CLX 240 for everything else.

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