Samsung Will Open Pre-Orders for 990 PRO PCIe 4.0 SSD Series on November 1

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Samsung has announced that the 990 PRO, its latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD, will be available to pre-order beginning on November 1, 2022. Available with or without a newly designed heatsink, the SSDs offer sequential read/write speeds of up to 7,450/6,900 MB/s, random performance of up to 1,550K IOPS for reduced loading times, and support for Microsoft’s DirectStorage API software technology. Users can choose between the 990 PRO 1 TB ($169.99), 990 PRO 2 TB ($289.99), 990 PRO with Heatsink 1 TB ($189.99), or 990 PRO with Heatsink 2 TB ($309.99). A 4 TB version will be available in 2023.

Image: Samsung

From a Samsung press release:

Samsung Electronics America today announced that the Samsung 990 PRO PCIe 4.0 SSD Series will be available for pre-order on November 1, 2022. Featuring breakthrough innovations in proprietary NAND, controller, and software technology, the Samsung 990 PRO and 990 PRO with Heatsink are optimized for PC and console gamers, and creators seeking storage with outstanding performance, power efficiency, and thermal control.

The drives are well-suited for heavy gaming and productivity tasks like 3D rendering, 4K video editing, and data analysis. For a smooth and fast gaming experience, the 990 PRO Series delivers sequential read and write speeds of 7,450 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 6,900 MB/s respectively. The 990 PRO Series achieves random performance up to 1,550K IOPS, which reduces loading times dramatically. The 990 PRO Series is also optimized for Microsoft’s DirectStorage API software technology, which enables games to take advantage of fast NVMe SSDs.

Within the 990 PRO is the world’s first 8nm controller for consumer SSDs, which improves its power efficiency by up to 50% compared to the 980 PRO, increasing battery life on systems. Efficient thermal management provided by the nickel coating on the controller and a heat spreader label on the back side of the SSD means users needn’t worry about heat-related disconnections. Samsung’s Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology keeps the SSD at optimal temperature for hours of gameplay without performance degradation.

For an additional layer of thermal control, the Samsung 990 PRO with Heatsink meets the PCI-SIG D8 standards required for compatibility with desktops, gaming consoles, and laptops. Easily installed in minutes, console owners can more than triple their storage capacity for games and digital entertainment, eliminating frustrations from storage space limitations. The 990 PRO with Heatsink has a futuristic design and RGB lights to fit the style of any gaming setup, and Samsung Magician Software allows users to customize the RGB lighting color and effects. This software also allows users to view critical device health information.

Pre-orders for the 990 PRO 1TB ($169.99), 990 PRO 2TB ($289.99), 990 PRO with Heatsink 1TB ($189.99) or 990 PRO with Heatsink 2TB ($309.99) begin November 1, 2022 at

The 990 PRO with Heatsink 1TB and 2TB are also available in a new character box – the contents of the box remain the same.

The 990 PRO Series comes with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty and will begin shipping in late November. A 4TB version of the 990 PRO Series will be available in 2023.

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