Bungie Is Reportedly Developing a New Marathon Game, an Extraction-Based Shooter

Image: Bungie

Bungie is reviving one of its classic and legendary IPs, according to sources with industry insider Tom Henderson, who shared a report today claiming that the Destiny maker is developing a new game set in the universe of Marathon. Unlike the original trilogy, which concluded with 1996’s Marathon Infinity, the new installment is said to be an extraction-based shooter in which players will join three-man squads to beat missions and avoid death in order to secure loot. Sources have described it as the “ultimate example of a living game.”

From an Insider Gaming report:

Marathon takes place on a planet that was previously home to a human colony that vanished, with humans (now sparse) using highly-customization cyborgs called “Runners” to gather loot, it was said.

It’s understood that the gameplay loop of Marathon is similar to most extraction-based shooters; choose a mission, buy and choose your loadout, drop into the map, hunt for loop and complete missions, and then extract safely.

Just like with most extraction-based shooters, it’s understood that you lose all of your loot if you’re unfortunate enough to die.

The game is intended to be the “ultimate example of a living game”, it was said. Seasonal rewards and progression will be a huge part of the game, which isn’t surprising considering Bungie’s success with the Destiny series and its live services.

This will be the first non-Destiny title the studio has developed in over a decade.

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