Windows Subsystem for Android Is Officially Available in 31 Countries

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has officially rolled out its Windows Subsystem for Android that allows Windows 11 users to run Android apps via the Amazon app store. Cory Hendrixson (Partner Development Manager at Microsoft) made the announcement that the feature had officially left beta and is now available in 31 countries granting access to over 50,000 apps.

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) was previously only available to Windows Insider members. The new feature means that Windows 11 users need not rely on an Android emulator but there are still caveats. Android Police notes that WSA still does not include the following functions: USB, picture-in-picture (PIP), hardware DRM, direct Bluetooth access, file transfer + backup/restore, and Android widgets + quick tiles. Esper senior editor Mishaal Rahman has also made a detailed list of missing features along with those expected in the next Android 13 update.

How to get WSA?

Image: Microsoft

There are two ways that Windows 11 users can get the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) app. It will be installed automatically if the Amazon Appstore app is installed from the Microsoft Store. Otherwise, users can directly download the Android app from the Microsoft Store. Developers wanting their apps to be accessible for Windows 11 users must submit their apps to the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft does note that there could be other compatibility issues relating to mobile touch interfaces and keyboard + mouse control. Other issues could also include display resizing and aspect ratios.

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