Mad Catz Announces Tournament Edition 3 Arcade Fight Stick

Image: Mad Catz

Mad Catz has announced the T.E.3 (Tournament Edition 3) Arcade Fight Stick, a new fight stick that features classic Sanwa components, multi-platform compatibility, a mod-ready form factor, swappable faceplate art, additional buttons and tool, and enhanced portability. Users will find more macros, two turbo modes, a PlayStation touchpad, and share buttons on the controller, which supports Xbox, PlayStation 4/5, and PC platforms. Mad Catz didn’t share pricing in its press release but said that downloadable faceplate art for the T.E.3 will be available through its website soon.

  • Premium Configurable Buttons (Sanwa)
  • Turbo & Lock Functions
  • Touch Pad
  • Customizable Stick And Button
  • Removable Top Panel For Artwork
  • Portable To PC & Console Play
  • Handle & Shoulder Ring
  • Lap Sitting Design

From a Mad Catz press release:

Mad Catz Global Limited, a leading innovator in gaming hardware, is pleased to announce our new Tournament Edition 3 Arcade Fight Stick. The T.E.3 Arcade Fight Stick is the third version of the iconic Mad Catz Tournament Edition series. As with previous versions, the T.E.3 features the classic Sanwa Denshi buttons delivering an authentic arcade experience with the legendary quality and durability of Sanwa components. This latest iteration features enhanced multi-platform compatibility, improved convenience and portability, and a mod-friendly design.

Multi-platform compatibility
Maximum compatibility with your favorite gaming platform ensures you’ll be able to connect your fight stick to your favorite platform. The T.E.3 connects to Xbox, PlayStation 4 & 5, and PC.

Improved convenience and portability
More macros, two turbo modes, PlayStation touchpad, and share buttons make the T.E.3 better integrated with consoles for an upgraded arcade experience. Portability and convenience are enhanced on the T.E.3 with a convenient carry handle, shoulder strap attachments, and convenient in-unit storage.

Mod-friendly design
The T.E.3 was designed to be easily customized. Additionally, the T.E.3 comes with additional buttons, a screwdriver, and easy access to internal connections and components. Easily change the buttons, faceplate art, or perform other modifications at the push of a single button. Also, downloadable faceplate art for the T.E.3 will soon be available at our website.

Combining the best of multi-platform compatibility, convenience, portability, and easy-to-mod characteristics, the T.E.3 proudly continues the Tournament Edition legacy.

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