ARCTIC Releases MX-6 Thermal Paste, 20% Better Performance Than MX-4

Image: Arctic

ARCTIC has released the MX-6, a new thermal paste from the leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components that offers significantly better performance than its predecessor. The MX-6 has a lower thermal resistance and achieves up to 20% better performance than the MX-4, according to ARCTIC, which also noted the high viscosity of the new thermal paste, enabling easy application. ARCTIC’s MX-6 thermal compound is available immediately in various resealable packaging sizes from 2 g to 8 g, as well as in a variant with MX Cleaner, with listings at Amazon starting at $6.79.

From the Arctic blog:

We are proud of our thermal pastes. With over twenty years of experience in the PC cooling market and the goal to offer first-class products at a fair price, we have developed the MX-6. The formula of the new thermal paste is based on the proven MX-4, one of the best-selling thermal pastes in the world. Our focus was both on improving performance and on versatile application possibilities and an easy-to-use consistency.

Thanks to improved composition, the MX-6 has a measurably lower thermal resistance and achieves up to 20% better performance. It achieves this without reputed ingredients like expensive diamond dust or various precious metals.

Like all our thermal pastes, it is non-conductive and non-capacitive. This eliminates the risk of short circuits and discharges.

The application of the MX-6 is particularly easy thanks to its high viscosity, which also makes it particularly suitable for direct-die applications, which occur, for example, with graphics cards or console processor GPUs.

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