EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB Water Blocks Announced for AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Reference Models

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Image: EK

EK has wasted no time in showing support for AMD’s newest graphics cards, having followed up on red team’s RDNA 3 announcements yesterday with its first water block for the Radeon RX 7900 XTX in the form of the EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB. Designed specifically for AMD’s reference model, the liquid-cooling solution comprises a Vector² series water block that’s fully compatible with the company’s EK-Matrix7 standard, coupled with a black-anodized aluminum backplate that encloses the entire GPU for even better cooling performance. The EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB is available for pre-order now through EK’s shop in Nickel + Plexi ($249.99) and Nickel + Acetal ($249.99) finishes, with anticipated ship dates for both listed as early December 2022.

Image: EK

From an EK press release:

The EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB is the first Vector² water block for Radeon GPUs, featuring full EK-Matrix7 compatibility. They are engineered exclusively for the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs. This liquid cooling solution encompasses a Vector² series water block and a black-anodized aluminum backplate in the same package. Like the rest of the Vector² series water blocks, the look is dominated by minimalistic straight lines and the backplate coming around the side of the GPU to cover the PCB in its entirety.

What differs from all other Vector² water blocks is that the cooling engine for this water block has been rotated 90°, so the fins are perpendicular to the die. For optimal delta, the coolant flows over the graphics core die first, and the memory cache die after. Consequently, all MCDs get the same temperature coolant thanks to the high-precision 3D-machined acrylic jet insert. Fin density has been increased from 0,6/0,4 to 0,4/0,26mm to account for the increased power dissipation requirement from the new Graphics Core Die and six MCDs.

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