NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Sings Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way” in Viral Video

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang doesn’t merely lead one of the world’s leading tech companies, he’s also a pretty big Lady Gaga fan, according to a new viral video that shows the leather-jacket-wearing executive videobombing and joining in on a karaoke session that saw him mumbling some of the lyrics to “Always Remember Us This Way,” a song featured on the soundtrack to 2018’s A Star Is Born. The video has reportedly been watched over 2.5 million times, offering a glimpse at Huang’s less formal side during an esports-related event in China, where he also had fun playing light gun games and taking photos with fans. Local reports suggest that Huang had no comment on some of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series’ brewing controversies, which thus far include reports of melting power connectors.

From a Commercial Times report (machine translation):

Huang Renxun appeared in his signature black leather jacket. After arriving, he entered the WirForce BYOC area, interacted with players from table to table, inquired about the status of the computer and the content of the game. When the player asked for a photo, he would not refuse. Get started and adjust the player’s shooting angle, high-five, shake hands, and even live broadcast with the player.

Passing through the arcade booth, Huang Renxun also picked up the light gun to test his skills, and took a group photo with the players in the WirForce rest area. Huang Renxun finally stood on the main stage of WirForce, shouted “GeForce Taiwan” and greeted all players, setting off the biggest climax of the audience.

In addition, Huang Renxun also interacted with two Internet celebrity singers who were broadcasting live next to the flower expo venue. He suddenly appeared behind two live broadcasters, and clicked “Hold My Hand”, the theme song of Tomko’s movie “Top Gun: Maverick (Defender: Lone Ranger)” sung by Lady Gaga (Goddess Gaga). Generous show of good singing voice, making netizens frantically swipe messages and shout “Great!”

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